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Jul 11, 2005 at 06:12 PM

E-Recruiting and ESS for ERP2004



We are implementing ESS on EP 6.0 SP9 with ERP 2004. I am currently trying to get the 'Career and Job' workset to function, but am having difficulties.

Per the documentation in the MSS 60.1.2(page 16) business packages, I have defined a system definition in the system landscape called 'SAP_BSP_EREC' and pointed to our ERP2004 instance where HR and E-Recruiting is installed.

Right now I have two issues.

1. On the ERP2004 side, when I try to test any of the e-recruiting services from SICF, such as hrrcf_start_int, I get the following error:


Calling the BSP page was terminated due to an error.

The following error text was processed in the system:

BSP Exception: Das Objekt default.htm in der URL /sap/bc/bsp/sap/bsp_veri/default.htm?sap-client=800&sap-sessioncmd=open ist nicht gültig.

Error type:

Your SAP Business Server Pages Team


2. When I try to test any of the career and job iviews from the portal, such as 'Candidate profile' I get the following error:



DefinitionType Java


Application Name



Application Parameters

DynamicParameter rcfLogAppl%3DPROFILE_BUILDER

DebugMode No


Why am I unable to test the E-Recruiting services from SICF?

What am i missing on the portal configuration that is preventing me from testing the e-recruiting i-views?


-Matt Schababerle