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Former Member
Sep 14, 2012 at 08:42 PM

Reg. Sender File Channel Modification Check configuration



I have files coming into a folder where PI polls in. The file size range from 3 MB to 11 MB. I set the Poll Interval as 60 sec and Msec to wait before Modification Check as 100000(100 sec - as 11 MB file is taking around 90 sec to get copy into the folder). I also specified Maximum File Size as 12288000 Bytes(12 MB). But my channel is still erroring out saying "File has been modified during processing. Expected 0 bytes, found 12,093,726 bytes".

As I would get files real time(its not a folder where PI will poll after all the files are written) and PI has to process them as and when files get into this folder, I made Poll Interval(secs) - 0 and Poll Interval(msecs) - 100.

Please suggest me a way to handle this situation.