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SAP Fiori CRUD Master-Detail Application Template binding issue

Jan 03, 2017 at 04:32 PM


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How do I bind the table on the detail page correctly so it shows all items? The table show correct number of items but it repeats the last item on each row.

This is my data:

Table only shows the last item:


<Table noDataText="{i18n>detailLineItemTableNoDataText}" items="{DeliveryISet}" width="auto" updateFinished="onListUpdateFinished" busyIndicatorDelay="{detailView>/lineItemTableDelay}" class="sapUiResponsiveMargin">
													<ObjectIdentifier title="{Matnr}"/>
											<Column minScreenWidth="Tablet" demandPopin="true" width="140px">
													<Label text="Item ID"/>
											<Column minScreenWidth="Tablet" demandPopin="true">
													<Label text="Description"/>
											<Column minScreenWidth="Tablet" demandPopin="true" width="100px">
													<Label text="Amount"/>

Dropbox link to the app source code

Any help much appreciated!

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Krishna Kishor Kammaje
Jan 04, 2017 at 04:59 PM

Issue is with your OData model.

Posnr should be a key as well in addition to Vbeln.

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Yes that works, thanks Krishna!


How did you resolve your problem?
I have the same problem but I am using the DDIC s_custom, sbook and when I want to display in the detail view the bookings for a customer it overload the last item although side Odata Service it works correctly.

For the CUSTOMER I have one primary key: Id and for the BOOKINGS one primary key Customid which I match to build an association ( customer )1-N(bookings). When I insert a second primary key to BOOKINGS it changes everything. I get null results for any customer.

Any solution please?

Thanks in advance.


Can you please create a new question for your issue? Resurrecting a resolved question is against the SAP Community Guidelines.

Krishna (Moderator)