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Sep 14, 2012 at 08:38 AM

EPMLink functionality


Hi Everyone,

I have been trying to get the EPMLink funcion working. I have install EPM-Addin_40NET SP12 Patch 4. (this was supposed to fix certain things in it.) However, when I create it in a simple workbook. =EPMLink("DEV - Finance - BPC","SCENARIO_ANALYSIS.xlsx","Test Report") I get the following error:

Workbook does not exist: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\PC_NW\Administrator\AppInfo\BPC\FINANCE\eEXCEL\Reports\Wizard\SCENARIO_ANALYSIS.xlsx

What I need to know is can the EPMLink funciton open a spreadsheet on the server (looks like it can't). Why does it open it from Reports\wizard folder?

Note 1754437 suggests there is a new funciont in SP12 patch 4, I can;t find that there. It also suggests you can open files from the server. This doesn not seem to be the case.

Does anyone have any other info on this functionality. The old EvHot funciton was frustrating that it could not open files from the server. I was really hoping that this had been resolved.

thanks so much.