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Sep 13, 2012 at 01:50 PM

Running SUP Odata Application on Blackberry Device


It is been big big pain : Can some one help???????

I have got MDS service runing in my device.

When I use networkdignostic tool ( a java app) on blackberry it shows MDS connection available and working.

I have got fresh installation of my app along with all 4 requires SUP libs/dependent modules ( common, moca, messeging and sup_json) on device.

SUP control centre user is also new ( seprate form one i used for simulator).

I have got filter in place to choose right credintals based on profile ( either simulator or device).

When I do



DEFAULT_APPNAME) and then check for user isRegistered and then setConnection profile.

On setConnectionProfile and call

UserManager.asyncRegisterUser(username, actcode);

: if i use relay server url along with farm id and correct port it comes back with

UserManageException -- 7003 which means REGISTRATION_FAILED_FOR_UNKNOWN_ERROR

and if I use direct SUP server url with 5001 port and farm id as "0" , in ecplise log it says :

catastrophic error occured and relay url template error.

I have to then delete all libs and apps form device.

In all it is been very very painfull process and still can not get to work.

Same application and code is wokring properly on simulator so very disapplinted with support I get here.

I am been doing mobile development from many years but this has to be worst support side till now.