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Jul 11, 2005 at 12:39 PM

Link inside BSP application requires new login



I am having a problem with a link to another controller inside my BSP application. Everytime I call this controller I get the login screen again. What makes the WAS refer to authorization again?

I am running a stateful application, the link I am having a problem with is a relative link to the controller in question (i.e. something like "∥2=2...").

The link itself is completed by the framework. So when I check the link in the browser, it looks exactly ⚠️ like the original application url - inluding the mangling code. Just the page/controller and the parameters are different.

The original app session is not closed either.

Any hint on this? Where do I find information on when the WAS calls for a new authorization /new session?

There is a FQDN in the server profile (