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Sep 12, 2012 at 01:29 PM

Territory not determining according to postal code rules


Hi Experts,

Im new to SAP CRM Territory Management.

The requirement is to have the Territory determined in an Opportunity for Sales Employees.

I have set up the territory hierarchy in the WEBUI as follows -


Line Of Business



Territory 1( Here i assigned a sales rep)


Territory 2( Here i assigned a sales rep)

I created the Rule Policies, the rule policies for Builder and created a rule for each of the lowest level territories - Postal code rules

Rule 1 : between 1950 and 2050 = Territory 1

Rule 2: between 2051 and 3050 = Territory 2

Each lowest level territory has an employee assigned to it (Sales Rep)

Im using two customers to test -

Customer 1 falls within Postal Code 1 and has Sales Rep 1 assigned on BP

Customer 2 falls within Postal Code 2 and has Sales Rep 2 assigned on BP

I am Sales Rep 1, I am also the "User" for config and testing


I copied OPPT to Z txn

Kept it as standard but I ticked the Territory Check box

Org Data Profile is copy of 000000000005 SALE Org. Data Profile for Order (Header) to Z txn with Org Model Det Rule 10000194

Now, when I log onto the WEBUI and create a new txn Opportunity, and select my Z opportunity from the pop-up, it immediately populates Empl Resp with my name and determines Territory 1. So I am assuming its determining the empl resp from my user, and in turn its pulling Territory 1 because I (as sales Rep1) am assigned to this territory.

When I enter Customer 2 as Prospect (who according to the postal code rule I set up, should fall within Territory 2), it doesn't change the territory to Territory 2. It just stays as Territory 1. No errors or anything. Even though Customer 2 with Postal Code 3005 should = Territory 2.

The problem is I don't want it to populate Territory on opening the transaction, but only by the postal code of the BP (Prospect) I enter in the transaction, and by this, in turn determine the responsible employee who is assigned to that territory.

Have I got the right idea here, or am I missing something? It seems it is ignoring the rules I created for postal codes.

Thanks in advance