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Sep 12, 2012 at 11:14 AM

Java File not writing anything in log


Hi All,

I created a Java File. It is executing. I can see that from security log because it is a logon module. This file is supposed to write lot of debug/error log message. It is not coming to "Developer Traces" view of log viewer of Netweaver Administrator.

This is writing log file as follows:


LOCATION.debugT("initialize", "null header :)" );

inside method :

private static final Location LOCATION = Location.getLocation(LexIPCheck.class);

I am sure this line is executing but log is not written.

I activated the trace level of application like following:

No log coming in Developer Trace. Server is NW 7.3 EHP 1.

Thanks in advance.



trace level.JPG (64.3 kB)