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Sep 11, 2012 at 10:27 AM



Dear all,

Does anybody have any idea on customization of error message popup display(office Client) in SAP BPC 7.5 SP 10.

We are writing huge and complex code in Write Back BADI and adding many conditions on entered data and raising error messages.

On meeting error conditions, we are deleting records from CT_ARRAY and putting those records in ET_ERROR_RECORDS.

Our end users are not happy on ET_ERROR_RECORDS. For them it's quite difficult to understand ET_ERROR_Records as it comes with all dimensions.

Error popup message does not seems to be user friendly.

Do we have any possibility ( Customer Exit / BADI ) by which we can enhance facility of displaying error message. ??

Can we customize it as per our requirement instead of just populating records in ET_MESSAGE and ET_ERROR_RECORDS??

Quick response would be highly appreciated.

BR & Thanks,

Deepesh Gupta