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Jul 09, 2005 at 09:01 PM

Problem with JCo Connection.


I am trying to run example TutWD_FlightList by connecting to R/3 4.6C from EP6.0 SP9

I <b>imported</b>C:\usr\sap\J2E\SYS\global\sld\model\ and into <b>SLD</b> and it is running now.

From <b>J2EE Visual Administrator</b>,

SLD Data supplier -> CIM Client Generation settings is configured. CIMClient Test is also successfull.


<i>Content Administrator -> Deployed content</i>



goto tab <i>JCo Connections.</i>

By pressing <i>create</i> button, try to create Connection from wizard.

At step 3.2(<i>Msg. Server Connection</i>), Message server is expected to select from dropdown list which is empty.

Probably I missed something while configuration.

Can anybody help me to fix this?

Anybody kind enough to write all steps required to run WebDynPro RFC examples, Just after installing EP6.0 and PDK.