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Sep 11, 2012 at 03:40 AM

Info Record Standard Qty in Sales Price Calculation


Dear friends,

I encountered a question which I can't figure out fore couples of days. I would like to seek for your helps.

In the Retail Pricing, we configured the purchase price determination. When we enter the final price in MM42 (Sales view), a condition type ZLIS (Suggested Retail Price) in PO calculation schema will be created SD pricing and send POS (via IDOC). Below is our configuration.

Note that both sequences are using "C - Source determination with error handling" in Source Determination Type.

We found that the SD condition will be divided by the Standard Qty in Info Record.

For example, Standard Qty=1, PB00= $100/PC, ZLIS=$200/PC. A SD condition of $200/PC was created. (Correct)

However, Standard Qty = 4, PB00= $100/PC, ZLIS=$200/PC. A SD condition of $50/PC was created. (Incorrect, divided by Standard Qty)

My question is, can we always use 1 in the price determination?

That means no matter what Standard Qty is, we just copy the ZLIS to SD condition.

In the General Parameters for Pricing configuration, we know that for external vendor we can control the qty in price determination via "Min. Order Quantity".

However it only applies when the "Standard Qty" is smaller than "Min. Order Quantity".

For example, if "Min Order Quantity" here = 5.

If Standard Qty in Info Record < 5, 5 will be used. Otherwise use Standard Qty in Info Record.

But this still cannot overcome my question.

Thanks a lot in advance.