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Jul 08, 2005 at 10:31 PM

Data from SAP to 3rd party calculation engine and answer back to SAP?



I am researching the best method to perform the following.

1) A SAP ABAP program (function module) gathers data from SAP tables and sends this data to a 3rd party calculation engine (not defined at this time).

2) The 3rd party calculation engine process the data set sent to it in step 1 and sends the results back to SAP.

3) The SAP program receives the results in step 2 and updates tables in SAP.

Basically it is this "SAP to 3rd party back to SAP".

We are on SAP 4.6C and have BW3.5 installed also.

Is .Net the technology to use? The 3rd party calculation engine currently does not exist. What is the best solution to deploy the calculation engine? Should the third party deliver a dll or exe that somehow we tie to SAP using .Net or web services?

This is something new to me and our company. Any help is greatly appreciated.