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Sep 10, 2012 at 09:38 AM

SAP CRM - ECC(Project) Integration Campaign - WBS Element


Hi SAP Integration gurus,

I am trying to integrate campaingns with SAP ECC, by getting generated a WBS element in ECC side.

The current status is that I see the BDOC getting out with the campaingn ID and then I see the campaign ID posted in ECC side, but I am not able to see the WBS element created.

The Bdoc fails in error and within the campaign in the Administration data assignment block I got the status 'Not tranfered', once I check the ERP Transfer status.

Now after reading a couple of blogs that are the following:

I have the following questions:

Is there mandatory setting up the mask for the project id in both sides (SAP CRM and SAP ECC)?

What is the cProject Add on for CRM box?

Is necessary to install this component in CRM side to get the integration between a campaign and a WBS element that belong to a project?

Finally, functionally speaking, how can ECC evaluate the costs associated to the campaign if there is no pricing involved for the products?

Is there anything to be done on project side to activate the evaluation of the costs?

In ECC side I have also defined a project scenario for the integration with a project profile.

But it seems to me that there is no project definition associated to this project profile.

Thanks in advance for the help.