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Sep 07, 2012 at 04:10 PM

Upper Bounds in PPDS MRP run


Hello PPDS experts,

I have a rather non Standard requirement. Would be great if you can help..

We would like to support Preproduction. Currently in SNP, we have certain months 'blocked for production' where the SNP optimiser is not allowed to create Planned orders.

So for Eg:- Month 1 - Upper Bound 0 (no production allowed)

Month 2 - Upper Bound 0 (no production allowed)

Month 3 - Upper Bound 3000 (Upto 3000 allowed)

Month 4 - 0

Month 5 0 etc.

The SNP Optimiser respects these bounds and creates planned orders accordingly.

However when these orders move into the PPDS horizon, The PPDS MRP does not recognize this restriction. So it recreates the PPDS order in an earlier month. (where actually no production is allowed)

So we somehow want to introduce a 'bucket restriction' in the time continuous PPDS horizon. Max Lot sizes IN PPM / master data cannot be used since they are specific to a product. So it will create orders for all months according to the maximum lot size.

Do you think any specific SAP heuristic could support this concept? I think some modification of the heuristics would be required. Any technical help on which BADI could be used to introduce this bound (before/ during netting of requirements?) etc in the PPDS MRP?

Appreciate your help.


Regards, Rishi