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Sep 07, 2012 at 11:25 AM

Portal theme fails to load after EHP6 upgrade. URL wrongly converted to lower case



We have a custom webdynpro for abap application that use the portal theme for styling.

After the upgrade EHP6, the theme is no longer working and none of the ui elements get any styling (css).

The stylesheet is set through Stylesheet URI (WDTHEMEROOT) property in the application configuration

The url is https://<hostname>/irj/portalapps/

Here SandTTheme is the name of the theme in the portal.

Force Use of External Stylesheet (WDFORCEEXTERNALSTYLESHEET) is set to true.

By doing a HTTP trace when testing the Webdynpro we see that the source of the problems is that the url is converted to all lower caps.

Instead of using the name in the url SandTTheme, it uses sandttheme.

This results in a HTTP 404 not found error from the portal and therefore no stylesheet is loaded.

Here is the important part of the HTTP trace:

GET /irj/portalapps/ HTTP/1.1Accept: */*HTTP/1.1 404 Not FoundServer: SAP J2EE Engine/7.02

The url WD for ABAP should have used /irj/portalapps/ works correctly and results in a HTTP 200.

Is there any know resolution to this ?

PS Note 1446099 is not relevant in this case

(will submit an OSS also soon)