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Sep 07, 2012 at 07:14 AM

Overtime PCR after 30 minutes of regular work..


Dear Experts,

1) Kindly help me write a PCR where overtime shud be considered after 30 min from DWS.

i am using Positive time evluation with TMS 1

Overtime is calculated as follows: Basic + DA / 27(days in month) / 8 Hrs x OT hrs wrked x 2 .

2) This PCR is for employees who have 3 shifts so even if i have to configure T510S , then where to specify the shifts Times ? i mean this table wud require Start and End Time , so how will i give all shift times here

3) plz help me what are the basic time types to be configured and where as i dun have much idea on time evaluation n its configuration?

although i think this wud require a PCR plz tel me if other method wud best suit this requiremen .

a little elaborated and well xplained solution wud be very helpful , as m fresh . and a one or two liner answer wud only confuse me ,

i know i am asking bit more , but den it wud only shorten the thread and also to give the limited points to the deserved one , unlike my other threads..

Thanking all very much..