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Jul 08, 2005 at 09:59 AM

unattended Installation/Rollout SAP GUI 6.40



we have following problem:

windows xp prof client sp2 - now we want to install the sap-gui version 6.40 patch 11 (sap-admin patch 20) as

unattended installation - but if we start the sapsetup.exe the windows client becomes failure:

unable to open/find /setup/sapsetup.xsc file.

we have checked - permission for the .xsc file, we have checked the local administrator rights and differnent installation variable /silent /update - always the same failure. i don't know ho to solve the problem.

i have also tested to start the sapsetup.exe file - it's the same failure.

if we copy all files from our network share into the local client - and start the same batch-script - it's working fine.