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Sep 07, 2012 at 03:06 AM

Incorrect format of 0CALDAY LOV's



I created a BEx variable on 0CALDAY and passed it through a WEBI report (with a Universe in between ofcourse). When I'm prompted with LOV's for this field, I see incorrect values such as 09/15/0007, 11/02/0111, 03/09/0010, etc. I did not see a single value in correct format. I tested this BEx variable in analyzer, and it works just fine. I see incorrect LOV's whether I define a variable in BEx which is passed through WEBI, or a prompt in WEBI itself. If I define a prompt in WEBI without LOV's, and enter a date when prompted (Ex: 01/01/2012), it works like a charm. I'm on BO 3.1 SP2.

This BEx query is based on an Infoset with a temporal join. 0CALDAY is checked for Key date in the join. I don't think that should be the reason though, but I could be wrong.

I created this WEBI report to address a concern raised by a COGNOS developer who is accessing the BEx query. The variable when imported in COGNOS is showing up as type String, and not of type date.

The information I provided here could be redundant. I just didn't want to miss any detail. Any help would be highly appreciated. 😊