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Sep 06, 2012 at 12:37 PM

TAXINJ, export sales wrongly captures excise duty(BED,ECS,HECS)


Hello All,

We use TAXINJ as our tax calculation procedure. The client had exported goods to Nepal via Exports under bond. As per law, exports from India are exempt from excise duty. But in one of transactions it had captured excise components(BED,ECS,SHECS).

The tax code used for UTXJ condition type was A0 which is Nil Excise and Nil sales Tax. None of these documents Sales order, Commercial Invoice and it's accounting document, Inter-company invoice and it's accounting document captured Excise duty which is in-line with standard behavior, so far so good.

The goods were exported from an exciseable plant but as exports from India are exempt from excise duty, the excise invoice(J1IIN) SHOULD NOT HAVE captured excise duty(BED,ECS,SHECS).

  1. My problem and my question is how on earth did the excise invoice (J1IIN) capture excise duty(BED,ECS,SHECS) when the reference document (intercompany invoice) didnot have any excise component and neither did Sales order or commercial invoice and it's accounting document.
  2. When we execute J1IIN with reference to an invoice, should it not be similar to the reference doc (in terms of pricing and taxes).
  3. Document change history(Environment-->Changes) is clean... nothing has been changed.

I would really appreciate your inputs on this.