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Former Member
Sep 06, 2012 at 10:13 AM

Maintenance view for 2 Tables with MANDT key only


Hi colleagues, experts,

I am trying to create a customizing activity out of two tables. I have created one of the tables, the other one is in a lower SWC. That table contains some interesting fields, what I would welcome on the same customizing activity.

So I tried to create a maintenance view out of these 2 tables, but it doesn't work, since both have MANDT key only, therefore there is no foreign key that I could use to create a Relationship. Unfortunatelly this seems to be the only way to join the two tables.

If I create a Database view first, it cannot be maintained afterwards. DBview doesn't allow write operation with two or more tables joined.

I do not want to duplicate those fields from the other table in my table as I want exactly those fields to be changed, so that we can influence the logic in the lower SWC.

The only option seems feasible is to separate this activity into two.

Do you know any other option? Is there a way to create a maintenance view out of two such tables?

Thanks in advance and best regards,