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Sep 06, 2012 at 08:58 AM

BEx query report last value and impact on total results


Hi Gurus,

I have one key figure, for example payments. For this key figure I need for all characteristics the last value of the month.

I know the concept of nested aggregation.

But shouldn't it be sufficient to assign the infoobject 0CALMONTH as reference char to this key figure (payments)?

I did this and it looks like this (for example with drilldown to calmonth, in this example I inserted only the last row of results):

Credit control area, Company code, Sales organization, Distribution Chain, Distribution Division, Calmonth, payments.

1000, 100, 1000, 90, 5, August 2012, 200Euro.

1000, 100, 1100, 98, 1, August 2012, 200Euro.

1000, 100, 1200, 97, 3, August 2012, 200Euro.

But in the total row for the credit control area, company code and sales organization it shows me 600 Euros as a sum.

I expected also 200Euros for all of the characteristics.

Any explanation for that, why the total is summed up?

Thanks in advance.