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Former Member
Sep 06, 2012 at 06:16 AM

Change in Bex Variable affecting the Web i Report made through BICS connection


Hi ,

We are using the Web i report made through BICS connectivity .

And we have some variables at Bex end which are coming on to Web i .Eg Variable "Company code1" on "Company" object.

Now when i am trying to remove this "Company code1" variable and put a new variable "Company code2" in Bex, then i am getting various error on the prompt screen for "Company Code2" like "processDPcommands" being dispayed in LoV window , thus stopping the webi from running.

The changes made at the Bex variable should be reflected automatically and not cause report to stop.

Is this a bug ?

We have a solution to this problem that is to re map the web i again to Bex query but as the number of Bex queries are huge this approach will take time.

We are on FP 1.0 Service Patch 12 .Is there a better solution?