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Sep 05, 2012 at 06:12 PM

Shall we directly launch WDA in PRD?



Ours is a small company, we are new to WDA, SSO-Single Sign On. We started a small application with some fixed budget. Application has SAP workflows, outlook email notification approvals, well.

Our plan was launch the WDA application in SAP Portal with SSO for users in PRD by creating iViews

But, we are struggling with integrating WDA to SAP Portal (intranet) by considering SSO and end up in almost exahusted budgets, for some reasons, we need to get the application into PRD ASAP. (we dont hv expertise in Portal, SSO)

Hence we are thinking let the WDA application launch directly in the IE browser (intranet) for users usage in PRD, meaning, not bringing SAP Portal, SSO into picture at all, just ignoring that Portal and SSO space for our application

We will provide a WDA URL to the users and asks them to launch the WDA in browser directly and same case (including the WDA URLs) with for approvers in their workflow email notifications, the WDA URL looks like below

Pls. let us know (we are maintaining valid user IDs in a custom table and we are validating the logged in user IDs with custom tbl entries)

1) Is it a safe approach or any danger?

2) If so, any precautions, tips, suggestions pls?

3) Or each and every WDA must launch/use Portal?

Thank you