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Sep 05, 2012 at 04:20 PM

MUT-03011 Execution of the command


Hello All,

I am installing SAP ERP 2005 on HP Unix. Database is Oracle 10g.

I want to install the two SAP Instance in same server. I have already installed one instance. Now start to installed another instance.

For that I have created different file structure for both the SAP and Oracle instances.

While installaing second instance I am getting following error :

MUT : 03111 Execution of the command.

I have attached screenshot of the same.

I have created two seperate mount point for oracle client, /oracle/client and /zoracle/client.

If we want to do two SAP installation on same server which directory or mount point can be commonly shared ?

I have also downloded latest SAPCAR also tries with manual command as :


# /tmp/sapinst_exe.2744.1346849197/SAPCAR -x -v -g -i -R /oracle/client/10x_64 -f /zoracle/client/10x_64

processing archive /zoracle/client/10x_64...

SAPCAR: the option -i has no effect when working with old archives.

format error in header




error.JPG (229.7 kB)