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Sep 05, 2012 at 02:51 PM

Populate value for SCB Indicator and Supplying Country in invoice posting


Hi all,

I would like to populate hardcoded value for SCB indicator (BSEG-LZBKZ) and Supplying Country (BSEG-LANDL), for invoices from MM and FI, and also invoices posted via IDOC.

I have tried to use Substitution with calling point 2 however it does not work as SAP does not release them for substitution ( Se16n > GB01-EXCLUDE = 'X' ).

1) Substitution with constant value - these 2 fields are not in the selection list

2) Substitution with user exit - not success due to GB01-EXCLUDE = 'X'

I also tried to use BTE 1030 and 1120 but it does not work also.

This substitution is used for South Africa. I have implemented SNOTE 1635234 to enable these 2 fields ready for input in FB01. But what i need is to set default value.

Anyone can give me advise? Thank you very much.