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Sep 05, 2012 at 01:33 PM

How to remove zero from being displayed in screen via dialog programming?


Hi Experts,

Would like to seek for your advice. If the variable equals to zero it should not show anything in the table column in screen '0200'. I've tried to modify the table as below before passing it to be displayed in the screen. Somehow it still shows zero in the screen '0200'. Please help me. Thanks.

TYPES: BEGIN OF ty_receive,

qty(13) TYPE n.

END OF ty_receive.

DATA: lt_receive TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF ty_receive,

wa_receive LIKE LINE OF lt_receive.

LOOP at lt_receive INTO wa_receive.

IF wa_receive-qty = 0.

WRITE wa_receive-qty TO wa_receive-qty NO-ZERO.


MODIFY lt_receive FROM wa_receive.



Por Shen