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Sep 05, 2012 at 01:08 PM

Error in WSDL parsing: Exception occurred in library handler



EDIT: System Information ECC 6.0 EHP4 SP 51 STack 11

first of all, sorry in advance in case this issue doesn't belong in this subforum; but this forum was the closest sounding one I found concerning my problem.

I'm trying to create a logical port in Transaction SOAMANAGER by means of a WSDL. However, the following error is thrown:

Error in WSDL parsing: Exception occurred in library handler

There's no further explanation from the system, no long text, nothing. Debugging didn't help either.

I've searched through SCN, google in general, SAPxSearch and SapNote Library. I found many open threads describing the same problem but not a single solution for this.... I tried consuming this Webservice outside of SAP via the Program SoapUI (in case anybody knows this...) and it works perfectly fine. The problem resides in SAP, not with the Service/WSDL.

Can anybody help here? This is direly frustrating...

EDIT: after debugging into about 50 billion levels in the callstack, I found the root cause of this misery. Maybe somebody with more expertise in WSDL/Webservices/SOAP than me (shouldn't be hard 😭) can explain WHY this is going wrong or why this error is "genuine"...:



...* base uri
if me->is_relative_uri_ref( ) eq abap_true and m_base_obj is initial.
m_err_msg = 'Relative URI &1 erfordert Angabe einer absoluten Base-URI'(e01).
l_uri = me->compose_components( ).
replace first occurrence of '&1' in m_err_msg with l_uri.
raise exception type cx_slib_generic_uri
exporting textid = cx_slib_generic_uri=>base_uri_error
message = m_err_msg.

That's the target namespace from my WSDL:

<s0:definitions targetNamespace="de.bahn.mep.bahndirekt.publicservices.b2bretrieval" xmlns="" xmlns:s0="" xmlns:s1="java:de.bahn.mep.bahndirekt.auftrag.b2bretrieval" xmlns:s2="de.bahn.mep.bahndirekt.publicservices.b2bretrieval" xmlns:s3="">

Cheers, Lukas

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Message was edited by: Lukas Weigelt