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Sep 05, 2012 at 12:34 PM

IM: Transfer: Storage Locations with/without WM tab


Hi SAP experts,

I have an issue with a new Storage Location.

I have customised a New Storage Location A3 and I have assigned a storage bin in the material X master data.

I noticed that the material X does not have a Warehouse Management views and it is managed in WM.

Now, this material X has been created before for the Storage Locations A1 and A2 and both are working in the deliveries for WM.

My issue is that I am trying to make a transfer movement 311.

I want to send stock from Storage Location A1 to the new Storage Location A3.

But, when I am doing this, the system is sending the following error message:

Material "X" does not exist in warehouse XXX.

And, the "WM" tab is appearing!!

But, if I am doing the same transfer from Storage Location A1 to Storage Location A2, I don't have this error message and the "WM" tab is not showed.

The 3 storage locations are customised in the same way in: Enterprise Structure > Assignment > Logistic Execution > Assign warehouse number to plant/storage location.

And, the master data is the same for the 3 storage locations (I checked this in MARD table).

Do you have any idea why for A3 is sending this error message and not for A2?

Many thanks for your help!

Kind regards,