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Sep 05, 2012 at 12:46 PM

Automatic posting of Confirmed scrap-quantity (AFRUD-XMNGA) into Blocked stock/separate Storage location



We have the following scenario:

During Order confirmation (CO15) we enter a Confirmed scrap-quantity (AFRUD-XMNGA).

We want this quantity to be posted to a separate Storage location, into Blocked stock during automatic Goods Receipt (triggered by Control key in the last Operation within the Routing); For this GR into Blocked stock we will either create a separate Movement type (OMJJ) or use user exit EXIT_SAPLCOZF_003 in Enhancement PPCO0006.

My first thought was to try to solve this within the Goods Movement Overview-screen within CO15:

The Confirmed scrap-quantity should then be populated automatically in the Goods Movement Overview-screen, and with a default other Storage location (COWB_COMP-LGORT) and Movement type (COWB_COMP-BWART).

I suspect we will need userexit EXIT_SAPLCORF_101 for this purpose, but I am not sure this will work since the Storage location and Movement type are populated in structure COWB_COMP.

Does anyone have experience with that?

Another solution could be to solve it in MM-IM (in BAdI's MB_DOCUMENT_BADI/MB_MIGOITEM_BADI for example).

Does anyone have experience with that e.g. is that a better solution?

Clues that make sense e.g. give a solution to our requirement are highly appreciated and will be rewarded!

Thanks a lot in advance,