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Sep 05, 2012 at 10:00 AM

"Unidentifiable error in program" when loading Infopackage with Hierarchy


Hi guys,

We have created in the CMOD, in an Include, a program that populates a infoobjetct's hierarchy. When I launch the load through the InfoPackage in DEV , all is fine, but in PROD system it gives me the error "Unidentifiable error in program LRSAPU04 line 1"

Include in DEV and PROD are the same, the extractors are the same, the Transfer Rules are the same, the infoobject is the same....

the program LRSAPU04 is a standard code, so how come it's ok in DEV and it fails in PROD??!!

Any suggestions guys??

If not, is it possible to debug the load triggered by an Infopackage if there is no custom code in this infopackage?