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Sep 05, 2012 at 10:03 AM

Batch allocation -Fifo principle - Advise appreciated


I would like to find out if some logic can be applied within SAP concerning
delivery creation.

We are looking at ways of
getting not full pallets out of the warehouse without creating more in the
process. At the moment our batch allocation strategy is to fill order
qty with multiples of 1.375tons of batches as our standard packaging is
1.375tons. So if there is a qty of a batch less than multiple of
1.375tons the system would ignore it.

We have in the past had it
configured to do FIFO, but the problem that we had is that in the event that a half pallet of a certain batch is
allocated it would fill with another batch creating another half pallet on the
next batch. So it’s a viscious cycle.

I am hoping to get the
system to be able to allocate part pallets without breaking a new batch, even
if this means that the order are not filled entirely.


Order = 33tons


Batch A = 4.8tons

Batch B = 100tons

I would like the order to be
allocated as follows:

Batch A = 4.8tons

Batch B = 27.5tons

Resulting in the order being
allocated only 32.3tons instead of 33tons.

The order should be
considered as complete for the balance not to be recreated on another DN.

Can this logic beapplied?

just to give clarity, the term pallet that I am reffering to is not the wooden pallet as such but the material stored on top of it on our SAP system. Just for in case you misunderstood.

the problem is with making up order quantities using different batches

Lastly can someone please confirm if this is a WM or MM issue