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Sep 05, 2012 at 09:06 AM

Grants Management without SD module



At client there is no SD module , FI-AR will be used to to book any kind to receivables. There is a an issue, client treats Grants received as liability in his book of accounts. I want to know that in this case should i still create Business partner as Sponsor with type Customer or it should be linked to Vendor. If we treat Grant Sponsors as customer then how will the billing to Sponsor be done in this case.

There is also a requirement from client to have Sponsor wise reporting which comprises of Receipts (Grant received from it), amount of expenses incurred from the sponsor Grant and any surplus or loss left over. Will this kind of reporting be available in GM ? If not then i guess a customized report can be developed based on the sponsored class. For every research project there will be separate sponsored classes for expense and revenue heads through which Expense GL/Cost element will be derived through GMDERIVE. Sponsored class related spending and budgets will be stored in GM ledger for every Sponsor's related classes so from it we can make customized report as well.This is is my understanding. Please correct me if i am wrong.