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Sep 05, 2012 at 05:56 AM

Free mail that support SBO Mailer for 2007B PL26


Dear Experts.

My customer is using gmail as their company mail. (imap ? I don't have enough knowledge about mail ...)

From my local SBO with 8.81 PL9, it was able to do the SBO Mailer setting and send mails from SBO.

However, from my customer SBO with 2007B PL26, I got an error and could not send the mail.

In another discussion, I read that SMTP for gmail is not supported by 8.8 PL21.

Do someone know a free mail that is able to set up in SBO Mailer for 2007B PL26?

In 2007B PL26's SBO Mailer only below fields are able to set up.

SMTP Server :

SMTP Port:

Authentication : "No Authentication" / "Login Authentication" / "Plain Password" are selectable

User Name :

Password :

In 8.81, I'm able to set additional field witch made me able to send gmail mail from SBO Mailer.

SMTP Server :

SMTP Port : 587

Username :

Password :XXXXXX

SMTP Client : Microsoft.NET

Authentication : Basic Authentication

Use TLS Encryption : YES

When I choose "Login Authentication" in 2007B, I will get an error with message "Login authentication failed".

Hope some experts know how to fix....