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Jul 07, 2005 at 05:20 PM

problem with multiple user login



I have problem that i don't know the solution for this.

I have an application will bring up a default value that was predefined for this user. When the user start the application, the user need to log in with his/her userID, and base on the userID, the application brings up the default value (e.g. employee number) that was uniquely assigned to this userID. The default value was save in a database. The user expects the application to bring up his/her employee number.

The start of the problem:

Let say the user log off the application but still leave the IE browser open. THe 2nd user will log on using the same IE browser. The 2nd user also want to use the same application and would like the application to bring up the his/her employee number. But unfortunately, the 2nd user receive the employee number of the 1st person instead of the 2nd person employee number.

But if the 2nd user close all the IE browser and re-login and start the application again, the problem is not occur. Even if the 2nd user just only close the IE browser that was use by the 1st user and other IE browser still open, the problem still exist until the 2nd user close all the IE browser.

I don't know how to fix this. Please share with me any suggestion or thought. I would appreciate that very much.