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Sep 04, 2012 at 02:23 PM

Issue with pulling interpolated data from PI


Hi All,

I am facing an issue for pulling interpolated values from PI by using History mode.

My requirement is to pull 5:30 am data from PI.Since data is coming to PI from DCS,so there are lots of entries for each day.

But I want 5:30 am interpolated data.

Suppose I am pulling March month data.

So in Tag Query,I did the following steps:

1) History mode

2) Start date as 1st march 5:30 am and End Date as 31st March 5:30 am and rowcount as 31.

It is not giving me 5:30 am interpolated data.only ist row and last row are coming 5:30 am.Other rows are not giving 5:30 am data.

I am facing this issue only for March month.For other months,it is working fine.

Problem is for 11th March.If I select 12th March to 31st March,it is working fine.If I select 1st march to 10th March,it is working fine.

So I would like to know is it because of any data?

Any idea why it is happening?

Thanks & Regards