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Sep 04, 2012 at 12:23 PM

Which SDK for BO report html generation?


Hi all,

My question is about BO SDKs, but I'm a real newbie to the BO world so please be patient if it's a bit naive, though I've performed extensive search.

I've been asked to develop a web app which will be deployed on the BO tomcat itself and consumed through tablet devices.

I would like to generate report html code and then embed it in a navigation frame suitable for mobile browsing.

I know that each object in CMS can be retrieved as IInfoObject, but I need to cast it to a specific class/interface to generate the rendering stuff.

Now I don't really know which class/interface I should use, I'm trying

from the BIP sdk or


from the report engine api

but I'm not really sure.

Can anyone please help?

Please feel free to point out if I'm off track or I need a different SDK.

Thanks, regards