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Jul 07, 2005 at 02:59 PM

ITS service interpreter failed error code 0x2101



I am trying to access a transaction without a user having to logon manually. When opening the following link in the browser I am able to access the transaction without manual login:


However, the user and passwort are shown in cleartext and I do not want that for security reasons. AFAIK the way to achieve this is setting the parameters in a service file on the agate. Put the file cv03n.srvc in the service directory:

~client 010

~login username

~password test

~language DE

~transaction CV03N

After restarting the agate service and opening the follwing url I expected to see the same transaction as before when I put the parameters inside the url:


Instead I got the error message:

Interpreter Failed

The Internet Transaction Server failed to generate the response for current request.

Please contact the system administrator.

Internal error code: 0x2101

I also tried to crypt the password. Additionally I tried to set only one parameter in the srvc file (client). Always the same error. Does anyone have an why I get this error as soon as a parameter is put into the service file?

SAP ITS 6.20 Patchlevel 18

SAP R/3 4.7

Browser IE 6.0 SP1