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Sep 04, 2012 at 09:32 AM

Error in Receiver Determination condition


Hi Experts,

I have created a file to file scenario having no IR objects. I just need to pick the files from a sender folder

and send them to different folders on the receiver system based on file name.

So I have given some conditions in receiver determination like this:

(Filename = FWAAA) OR (Filename = FWBBB) OR (Filename = FWCCC) OR (Filename = FWDDD) OR (Filename = FWEEE) OR (Filename = FWFFF) then recv 1.

(Filename = FWLLL) OR (Filename = FWKKK) then recv 2.

(Filename = FWNNN) OR (Filename = FWMMM) then recv 3.

But the problem is that recv 1 is picking all the files which is not intended for it i.e. it is picking files of recv2 and recv3 also

and recv2 and recv3 are receiving their intended files.