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Sep 04, 2012 at 04:45 AM

How to Restrict Folder structure access in Document Management


Hi Experts,

I had users based access rights on DMS server for eg. USER1 is able to have access of Purchase Dept. folders structure only and when he tries to access other dept. folder structure it says you are not authorised. But if the USER1 wants to create a new folder under and dept. folder structure let it may be of Sales of Accoounts he can create new folder by selecting FOL while creating new folder. Even though he has been given rights for PUR folder sturcture.

Same while uploding too if USER1 select ACT of accounts insted of PUR of purchase then he can upload file in any of the folder structure.

And while uploding if he selects PUR and tries to upload the files inside of any other deptartment's folder structure then it prompts You are not authorized.

This shows USER1 does not have access to read anybody elses folder structured documents but he can upload file and create folders

So how can I avoid USER1 to for creating new folders and stop for uploading files by using other dept. Document Type

If am using Easy Document Management then can we allow the USER1 not have access other Department's access but only of PUR while selection in Document Type

Please guide.

Thanks & Regards,

Prashant Chauhan