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Sep 04, 2012 at 04:40 AM

Hierarchy (Parent-Child) in Attribute View


I'm using the Hierarchy functionality in Attribute View for Work Center Hierarchy (which is table CRHS)

OBJID_HO = Child

OBJID_UP = Parent

(This is parent-child hierarchy. Parent can have children also and vice versa)

After executing I get records in 2 column.

My question is the following, currently the client gets work center hierarchy in a structured indented manner, like this:

Hierarchy Level Work_Center Description

1 JHSA Home

2 ADSA manager

3 DASD Shop Door

4 DFSF Mini Shop

2 AKDK Regional

3 EWDS Main

4 DFSD HYder

1 FEFE Cold

2 HKJH Domestic

..........and so on

Will the current HANA functionality support the above structure? If so, how can I test it. I'm only getting 2 columns in data preview. I'm assuming I'll have to export it to Excel or Universe?

Please advise on what steps I should take to test the hierarchy functionality is working.

Thanks in advance.