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Sep 03, 2012 at 06:29 PM

Partial Billing Issue


Hi Experts,

I am in an implementation project. I have a business scenario which I find difficult to MAP in SAP. Can anybody suggest on this-


1. Industry is continuous production process and mostly MTO scenario. As it is a pure process industry there is no role of PS in the production process.

2. Production has three phases-

Phase 1 : Fully handled in SAP

Phase 2a : Handled in MES application ( output is semi-finished goods and not taken in SAP stock)

Phase 2b ( Finishing process) : Handled in MES application ( output is finished goods and taken in SAP stock for sales)

3. Sales order has multiple line item. Billing condition is 80% customer payment on production completion ie Phase2a.

4. Problem is SAP has no knowledge that phase2A is completed and by what %. For the time being let us assume MES will directly send this information to the billing Clerk

5. Let us assume that a SO has two line items-

i. Material X

Qty : 5 pc

Unit price : 10 $

Total line item value : 50 $

ii. Material Y

Qty : 10 pc

Unit Price : 20 $

Total line item value : 200 $

Total Sales Order Value : 250 $

Now let us consider that 5 pcs of Material Y ( Semifinished) is produced in phase 2a. ie total billing value will be 80% of ( 5 pcs x 20$)= 80% of 100 $= 80$

Now my question is how to map this billing scenario in SAP? How to bill this $80 to the customer? Please note-

i. Till now no material is delivered to customer as material is still undergoing the finishing process and production process is not completed

ii. We cannot generate invoice for 80% of entire sales order line item quantity and value ( ie 10 Pcs and $200).

Request billing experts to advise