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Sep 03, 2012 at 04:04 PM

Extra empty page printing when using new Purchase order layout designed from Crystal report 2008


My SQL Query:

SELECT DISTINCT "POR1"."DocEntry", "POR1"."ItemCode", "POR1"."Dscription", "POR1"."Quantity", "POR1"."ShipDate", "POR1"."Price", "POR1"."LineTotal", "POR1"."SlpCode", "POR1"."DocDate", "POR1"."BaseCard", "OPOR"."CardName", "OPOR"."Address", "OSLP"."SlpName", "OITM"."QryGroup31", "OITM"."QryGroup32", "OITM"."QryGroup33", "OITM"."QryGroup34", "OITM"."QryGroup35", "OCRD"."Phone1", "OCRD"."CntctPrsn", "OPOR"."ExtraDays", "OPOR"."Address2", "OPOR"."CreateDate"
FROM ((("PitacsLive"."dbo"."POR1" "POR1" INNER JOIN "PitacsLive"."dbo"."OITM" "OITM" ON "POR1"."ItemCode"="OITM"."ItemCode") INNER JOIN "PitacsLive"."dbo"."OSLP" "OSLP" ON "POR1"."SlpCode"="OSLP"."SlpCode") INNER JOIN "PitacsLive"."dbo"."OPOR" "OPOR" ON "POR1"."DocEntry"="OPOR"."DocEntry") INNER JOIN "PitacsLive"."dbo"."OCRD" "OCRD" ON "POR1"."BaseCard"="OCRD"."CardCode"
WHERE "POR1"."DocEntry"=1
ORDER BY "POR1"."DocEntry"

In the Section expert, I have got on the page footer section which has greyed out "New Page after" and "Print at the bottom of the page" options. And also, "New Page before" option greyed out in Report header section and in the Report footer section "New Page after" greyed out.. I have finished the layout myself but I havent got a clue how to rectify this.

I have tried ticking everything including read only on and off, but it didnt change anything.

Here is my SOS call. Reponses please...