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Sep 03, 2012 at 12:01 PM

Question about the service quality (EO to EOIO) for inbound messages



i have 4 BPMs in 4 scenarios:

1. IDoc LOIPRO to File to put production orders

2. RFC Call to file to cancel orders

3. RFC Call to file to change orders

4. RFC call to file to block orders

5. RFC call to file to reactive orders

all BPMs have the similar steps:

receive IDocs or RFC Call -> transform IDocs or RFC-Call to Files -> send the file to NON-SAP System -> waiting for response->and send response to SAP -> if no response within 30 days, arise an alert.

PI Envirment: PI 7.11 SP 09.

At the send step of all processes i can define the service quality in EOIO in ONE queue.

But I CANNOT swith the service quality for the inbound messages to EOIO, which are with service qulity EO.

Under this situation, the messages, which is sent later, could be overtake the message, which were sent earlier.

For example, an IDoc LOIPRO is delayed because of a mapping error.

SAP does not know this IDoc has not arrived at NON-SAP System and send RFC Call to change or cancel this order. But, at this moment, the order is not created at NON-SAP Application.

I have read the How-To documents:

How to Configure Inbound Processing in ccBPM Part I and Part II.

As my understanding, the inbound messages from different interface have always different queue in Adapter Engine. And in the Transaction SWF-INB_CONF I see the different queues for the 5 processes.

But I have still no idea how to solve this problem. Must I create own adapter?

Hope you can understand me.

Any idea should be appreciated!