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Sep 03, 2012 at 07:51 AM

Consignment stock report



My client is going to use consignment process so can anybody explain me to develop consignment process and report for below given scenario.

from MM side i worked in consignment process but here it is with SD and WM side also, so i m confused to achive this.

Folowing options should be explained in the report:

1. The ownership is changed when the transfer order from the reserve bin to picking bin is confirmed.

2. The ownership is changed when the outbound delivery transfer order is confirmed.

3. The ownership is changed when the goods issue is done for the outbound delivery-

4. The ownership is changed when store sells the goods to the customer.

The vendor should have the ownership until the goods are sold.

Following data should be delivered to the vendor for planning the deliveries to Inex:

· Ability see the stock balance, sales orders in the system and sales forecasts. The data must be sent to vendor at least once a day.

· The vendors minimum and maximum stock will be determined

The vendor will receive payments of the used goods when the ownership has been changed.