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Sep 02, 2012 at 04:28 AM

FILTER for Entity members in FX-TRANSLATIONS


Hello Experts, We are on BPC 10 MS SP06, when I intially configuring system we are on SP04 and that time US ELIMINATIONS business rule was not working as expected so I used IC ELIM Script logic delivered in SAP BPC 10 MS IFRS Starter kit and it was working fine (it was also suggested in some notes to use script logic), but it is posting elimination entries to the same datasource. As my elmination entries are posting to same datasrc, If user runs FX translations after IC eliminations, then my all Elimination entries are wiped out as my FX translations are running for all the entities (Including ELIM entites) and my data source also included, as ELIM entity local currency value is zero in database and its multiplying with LC and making my all USD elim entries to Zero. So I thought of using XDIM_FILTER to filter out all my ELIM entites from the FX Translation store procedure but its not considering the XDIM_FILTER, How ever its considering the XDIM_MEMBERSET so I tried to use Select option to filter entities and then call XDIM_MEMBERSET but still no luck.. Trail 1 with XDIM_FILTER : XDIM_FILTER ENTITY = [ENTITY].Properties("ELIM")<>="Y" *RUN_STORED_PROCEDURE = SPRUNCONVERSION([%MODEL%], [%CATEGORY_SET%],[%RPTCURRENCY_SET%],[GLOBAL], [%SCOPETABLE%],[%LOGTABLE%]) *COMMIT Note: I also tried with ELIM = " "....and if I use the same XDIM_FILTER for other logics its working. Trail 2 with *SELECT: *SELECT (%ENTSET%, "[ID]", "ENTITY", "ELIM='Y'") *XDIM_MEMBERSET ENTITY= %ENTSET% *RUN_STORED_PROCEDURE = SPRUNCONVERSION([%MODEL%], [%CATEGORY_SET%],[%RPTCURRENCY_SET%],[GLOBAL], [%SCOPETABLE%],[%LOGTABLE%]) *COMMIT My questions: 1) Can we pass some property filter to any Stored procedure? 2) Any other option to solve my issue? I know we can manage with US bookings business rule by posting to different datasrc where we exclude that datasrc from FX translation using IS_CONVERTED property with stanard approach but I wanna a go in this direction if we cannot achieve by filter entity by using ELIM property. I appreciate any inputs on this issue. Thanks, Srinivas Thota

Hello friends, After correcting my variable in Trail 2 its working but still I have a challenge to run it to specific entity. When I am running with below logic its running for all the entities inthe entity hierarhcy except Elim entities but now I want your help to modify this logic where it runs for specific entity based on Datamanager selection and where ELIM <> Y. *SELECT (%ENTSET%, "[ID]", "ENTITY", "ELIM<>'Y'") *XDIM_MEMBERSET ENTITY= %ENTSET% *RUN_STORED_PROCEDURE = SPRUNCONVERSION([%MODEL%], [%CATEGORY_SET%],[%RPTCURRENCY_SET%],[GLOBAL], [%SCOPETABLE%],[%LOGTABLE%]) *COMMIT Any inputs on this will be greatly appeciated. Thanks, Srinivas Thota