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Aug 31, 2012 at 04:32 PM

BO 4.0 Uninstall problems


Good day everybody!!!

I wonder if anyone of you can help me again here is the problem that I have, my client had BO 4.0 installed but for some reason that we still dont know the CMS database got corrupted and it stopped working, when we tried to login on launchpad we were not able. So we tried to restore de database but it didn´t work and also we tried others things but nothing worked. It was a recent installation so we decided to uninstall all BO but we have a lot of problems because the CMS didn't recognized the login information so wee uninstall BO by deleting the registry on Registry Editor and reinstall everything.

However when we were revieweing the installation we found that the LCM did'nt worked and the most strange is that in the CCM we see 3 SIA's the SIA that we need is the one that is running and we need to remove the other 2. But when we tried to remove then we are not able to do that.

So here is the part where I need your help:

1.- How can we remove those SIA's???

2.- If we need to reinstall BO how can we delete everything about BO, I mean how can we clear completely the registry to install BO as a new and clear installation??

Now we have the following installed:

Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bits

BO 4.0 SP4 pactch 1 and patch 2

Any help will be very appreciated



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