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Aug 31, 2012 at 03:37 PM

process order


I want to create a process order for milk processing unit converted to cheese...milk is roh and cheese is fert

1. What the basic SPRO setting should i make in order type dependent parameters,production scheduling profile and other various settings in SPRO

2. in MRP what setting should i make

3. milk is the only component so in CS01 ,how do i create a BOM

4.what MRP run should i do is MD03 (single material) or MD02?

5. how do i create a process order from mrp run screen is similar to production order created via MD01?

6.what setting should i make in differnet process order tabs?

7.master receipe is similar to routing in production order ..but i find phases in master receipe wht does phases mean? c223 (production version craetor) how do i create a production version with BOM and master receipe production order you can do it with routing and bom but in process order how a production version is done

9.product cost collector mf6n how do i capture costs?

I come from a production engineering backgorund i am bit perplexed with my first process order i am doing for my client..but i know process order is very difficult compared to production order.I understand my question is big if you can provide the clear basics settings that i have to do ...from that point i can pick up use my common sense and get it done..seeking your ardent support