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Jul 07, 2005 at 06:04 AM

Copying Elements from one node to another with WDCopyService


Hi Gang,

Can you see why this code is not working. To me it should work fine. I have seen a couple of posts regarding this topic but none give a definite yes or no as whether this method works.

I have two RFC's. Each one uses a table of Personnel numbers.

RFC1 fills the table with pernr's and this works fine - I see it on my screen.

RFC2 accepts a table (same structure) of personnel numbers and outputs the names of the people.

So I thought I could simply copy the elements from node Pernr_Tab (output from RFC1) to Pernr_Tab_name(Input for RFC2). But only a blank table is being passed to RFC2

Controller Context

O Context

|-PernrList (Bound to RFC1)


|...|-Pernr_Tab (Output from RFC1)



- Names (Bound to RFC2)


- Output_name



-Name_Tab (This is blank after RFC2 is called)






..|-Pernr_Tab_name (Source For RFC2)


public void RFCNameFill( )


//@@begin RFCNameFill()

Z_Wd_Name_Input nameInput = new Z_Wd_Name_Input();


// Copy all the elements from node Pernr_Tab to node Pernr_Tab_name

WDCopyService.copyElements(wdContext.nodePernr_Tab(), wdContext.nodePernr_Tab_name());

try {



catch (Exception ex){