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Aug 31, 2012 at 09:54 AM

How to settle only costs (not revenue) of the internal order



We are on ECC 6 using only Cost Center Accounting , Profit Center Accounting & Internal Orders. We do not have COPA. We are in the process of implementing SAP CRM. Every service center is a cost & profit center. When a service order is created in CRM, an internal order of type SAPS is automatically created in R/3.

CRM is passing the profit center & the responsible cost center to the internal order master data. Have assigned strategy sequence SAP040 (Settlement to a responsible cost center) to the order type SAPS. So when the order is created, the settlement rule automatically gets populated. We receive revenue & costs on the order. At the time of posting revenue, the real posting goes to the order & the statistical posting goes to the profit center. Hence, since the revenues have already reached their destination, we do not need to settle the revenues. We only need to settle the costs periodically to the responsible cc from where it will hit the profit center.

Assigned settlement profile CKPH01 to Order type SAPS. This profile has the following allocation & source structure & indicators 100% validation & % settlement.

Have created Allocation structure only for costs: receiver category of settlement cost element is CTR & settlement by cost element.

Have created Source structure only for costs.

But when we settle, error message is:

No source assignment found for cost element 30100025 (this is the revenue element)

Message no. KD560


The sender bears the U1 source structure and was debited with costs from the 30100025 cost element. This cost element is not assigned to any source assignment in the CR01 controlling area of the CR01 source source structure.


Maintain the U1 source structure.

So created Allocation structure for costs & revenues: receiver category of settlement cost element is CTR & settlement by cost element.

& created Source structure for costs & revenues.

But when we settle, error message is:

Settlmnt from revenues/debit-side down paymnts to receiver CTR C11301A161 not allowed

Message no. KD561

The sender has revenues or customer down payments with cost element 30100025 (business transaction: CO Through-postings from FI).

You cannot settle these revenues or customer down payments to receiver CTR C11301A161.

We only want to settle the costs i.e. the expenses. Please advise.