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Aug 30, 2012 at 09:32 PM

Reversal of By Products (532 & 522 movement tyep)


Hello Gurus

PFB the REM scenario including by products, By products is maintained in negative value which has 531 movement type

After a cancellation or correction of production order, the components with negative quantities in BOMs (waste) will not be in their defined locations/storage type , but stocks remain in storage type 901. Whenever GR against production has been done the relationship between Movement type 531 and WM 521 movement exists, but not between movement type 532 and WM 522 movement .

The stock will be reversed by canceling document by MF41 then the automatic Transport order will be carried out.

But stock will be remains in storage type 901 but where as storae type 353 is maintained in WM view of material master.

User is creating manual TO for moving stock to 901 to 353 which he does not want to do.


1. When stock is issued from 353 while doing GR & GI then why not stock is not getting reversred to same storage type when canceling document?

2. Is there any setting is there which need to be done from PP side for this scenario?

Please provide your inputs.